pine trees!~ ponderosa, scots & mountain

so the other day i walked down to the opening of a new little shop.  i walked along ada blvd and i looked at pine trees!  there are a whole wack of different pine trees along there, i have collected various pine needles/branches a few times to do some dye experiments (i just did one, but havent opened the bundle yet!  i dyed some cloth and i guess pine + iron = grey)  but i dont really know the difference between them all.. i mean, i suppose i only recently really found out the difference between a pine tree and a spruce.  i took pictures of a few of them to try and figure it out thinking that maybe the good old tree map might be of some help!
first off these lovely fellas..
are ponderosa pines!
there are quite a few of them around henry martell park.  they are really quite lovely trees.

they also have rather large pretty shaped cones, and long needles in groups of 3

and some more pictures..  of the bark and a bud..  and yeah.

i kinda already knew that one.  the other ones are a bit harder to figure out.
according to the tree map, on ada blvd, on the river side, between 66th and 64th street there are a few different kinds of pine trees.. the ones they have marked are: ponderosa, scotch & sweet mountain.  i am not sure how accurate that all is, cause i took pictures of a few and i think there were more than 3, but we shall try to figure it out.
so, the second one i have is this pretty looking thing..

and i am fairly certain it is a "scotch" pine, or scots pine..

this one doesnt have long needles like the other one, they are shorter and kinda in..  rings? i guess..  around the branches..  in layers sorta..

picture of the bark and the cones i found on the ground..
there was some weird redness to some of the branches..
it's a pretty tree though!

then there was this little grouping of trees.. a whole bunch of them together..

the tall one on the right might very well be another scots pine..
and i dont know?  the one on the left could be a mountain pine..  it's hard to tell..  there was something weird about it though..  when i looked closer, there were dried up old berries on the branches inside!

and a chickadee came to see me!

in behind there on the ground i found all sorts of weird things..
so who knows???

next would be this loverly guy..

and that i am fairly certain is a scots pine! and i guess it's kinda easy to see why they make them into bonsi trees.
i noticed 2 distinct looking cones on this tree..  which i thought was odd, but i suppose some are new and some are old, that's what i think anyway..

the picture of this second one is not that close, but they are older, more open ones.  these are some cones i found on the ground..

the trunk of the tree had these weird holes in it too..  at first i thought someone had done it, poked holes in the tree, and then i noticed that they went all the way around and all the way up the trunk?  so i am not sure what did it..  insects?  maybe i'll find out..  but it's weird.

 i remember driving home from the farm awhile ago and my dad pointing out all the trees at the side of the road with the branches stripped of their bark and saying how the porcupines had done it.  i dont know if that's what this is, but there sure where a lot of bare branches up in trees out at the farm.

and then lastly..   this one!
and this one i think i can confidently say is a mountain pine.. because they are very bush like like this.

it has needle formation similar to the scots pine..

 and i found cones around that looked like this..

i also found a new little lichen on it's bark! (which i havent bothered to try to identify yet)
i went peeking inside looking for any berries like i had found on that last one.. but i did not find any.

and that is it, as far as my pine adventure went.
so perhaps it's only 3.. i guess.. i dont know.  3 for sure anyway!


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