hooded sunburst lichen

this ~spring~ there is a lot of this stuff!  on the trees.  i figured i should try and figure out what it is.  i got this app thingy thing thing on my phone that's all about alberta wildflowers.. helping to identify them and whatnot.  it seems pretty neat.  i was looking at it the other day and saw that it had an option for lichens and mosses as well, also trees, bushes, other things like that.. not just flowers.  most of the options are more flower related, picking the colour, number of petals, leaf formation, etc..  it did work a little wonky as far as the lichens and mosses went, cause i selected lichens and it said __# of options, i forget how many, but then i selected yellow and the number went down to 0..  i tried orange, once again.. 0..  so, ????  so i just looked at all of them.   
well..  there was only one little picture and from first glance there were 2 options in my opinion..  common goldspeck lichen & hooded sunburst lichen.  i wanted to look them up and see more pictures, but my stupid phone would not connect to the internet.. so, i had to wait till later. 
the common goldspeck seems to be more flat and round and much more .. well.. maybe blotchy in the way it grows.  this stuff on this here tree, i do believe that it is hooded sunburst lichen!  so.. ta-da!

pictures are weird.  i dont know if it's the camera or my glasses, cause with this phone thingy i keep taking pictures that either i think look kinda blurry but dont delete them right away and then look at them later and they seem in focus.. or take pictures that i think are in focus and then later look blurry, it's odd.  and then there's the whole strange out of focus around the edges thing that happens there when you take a picture of anything close.. i'm not sure what that's all about.  and some of it might be my glasses, i think i need a different prescription..  they just seem weird lately.  
i could have taken much better and much closer pictures with my camera camera.. maybe i will later..  but bleh.  i guess it's not really that important anyway, as long as it's documented.
but one thing i do really want to do is identify a lot more plants this year.  i have a couple other things on my phone that are pretty nifty.. one seems like it might be neat, but i have to figure it out yet, it's a bit toooo complex perhaps and i dont quite understand how it works..  but i think it's to create a map of where different plants are everywhere, and you can add and submit things and then they show up on a global map.  another thing i have is just like a plant diary that i can take a picture and put in a name and description, which will be helpful for remembering and also learning.   i think that will come in super duper handy for the plant walk that i have signed up for in a couple of weeks!~   i do hope it's not really mucky out.

i should have posted about my ecodyes on here.. cause it's something i've done..been working at.. trying to do... and that was kinda the point of this..   i guess i coulda put it on both?  ah well..  i dont know..  
i'll probably not post much of anything on here..  cause i havent the patience for this type of stuff.. but we'll see!  at the moment i have a lot of ideas.


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