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quotes on creativity

today was a good day.. or well, a fine day.. and then a sad day.  i wish the moods didnt shift so much, but oh well.
i opened up a dye experiment that turned out lovely..  it looks like this..
 it was already almost 9, so it was kinda darkish..  i can probably get a better picture in the light, but whatever.  it was creeping bell flowers and some chamomile leaves and my rusty stars, frozen then left to sit on the deck for a few days.  i'm really pleased with it. 
but then i got in a spiral of sad thinking and that sucks. 
but i've been looking up quotes on creativity for a project..  and i found a bunch of neat ones, not for the project, but that i like myself..  i thought i'd put them here.. 

It's not too late at all. 
You just don't yet know what you are capable of.
-Mahatma Gandhi

People say you can't live without love...
I think oxygen is more important

When it comes to art, it's important not to hide the madness.

There is nothing in nature that blo…

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