natural dye colours

i was going through my swatches of colours!  all the colour i have collected from my dye tests..  i keep meaning to make some sort of book out of them, but i am uncertain as to the exact format of how to do it???
i would like to do something with a page for each type of plant, as well as a.. rainbow of sorts, with just some little bits of the colours in the order of their shades.  i still have to think about it all though.
but while i was looking through them all the other day, i took some pictures of some of them..  i am not sure how true to colour they ended up being?  i took the pictures with my phone, i tried to adjust the white balance and i think that helped!  but also it was night time and so the lighting was not good and some of the shades of these were quite subtle.
one thing i noticed, which i think is odd, is that sometimes the same plant will give a better dye depending on the time of year.  like i used the oak leaves on the tree in my folks' front yard in the spring and it dyed really nice, and then i tried it again, the exact same way, the same tree, in the summer time and the colour was not so strong.  i also noticed that with ecodyes with mountain ash leaves, i did some in the spring that worked really lovely and then did a bunch in the summer that were bleh.  but that's a bit more chance involved i suppose.. 
anyway..  i'm not gonna say how or why, but here are some colours!

holly hock blossoms 

oak leaves

chinese lantern leaves

red clay


mountain ash leaves (top) & berries (bottom) 



(the colour on this one is quite off, it is a much brighter yellow)

apple leaves (top) & crab apples (bottom)

greater celedine


willow leaves

russian comfrey


pine needles

peony leaves



schubert chokecherry leaves
the schubert & peony were pretty much my favourite things to dye with i think!  oh, oak too.  willow leaves work really well, but there is not many willow trees very close to me, so it's not something i did a lot with.  apple leaves, at least the tree in my back yard, can make a strong bright yellow.. much more so than the picture on here looks...
looking back at these swatches i was suprised at a few..  the clay and the rose hips, from what i remembered they pretty much did nothing, but looking at them now i think they make a pretty nice pale pink.  also the chinese lantern is pretty good.  and i thought that the mint has more colour than i remember.. 
i just dyed with some purple onion skins the other day for the first time!  those colours are pretty bright!  and also i wish i had a picture of some of the dye i made from a bunch of grape skins i got that someone my aunty knew grew in their back yard.  it made a really lovely blue!
also..  just so ya know..  paprika sucks.  it sometimes dyes and makes a really pretty orange colour!  and you think..  neat!  but it fades away to nothing..  so, dont even bother.


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